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Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.  Colossians 3:23 (ESV)

Strassel Deck & Stairs

This was a fun and exciting project I had the pleasure of constructing for long time clients, and I am very happy to say, very good friends of mine.

The client wished to have an extension of their existing deck, a staircase by which to access this area from below as well as a walk along this rear face of the home by which to wash these un-accessible windows you see in the picture and then sit in there chairs and enjoy the glorious view of the pond and sprawling property that is theirs’ to enjoy!

To begin, I had a sloping piece of ground that this addition was to be built on with a finished height of the deck over 10’, so a series of holes as pictured were dug, and I mean dug by hand, the deepest of which was 6 ½ ft, to receive Sonotube® concrete forms by which to pour concrete piers with wet-set post bases for the 6 x 6’s to follow. My shoulders still remember it today as if it were yesterday! A ledger was attached to a 6 x 10 beam that was a support for the home, then the post’s, 4 x 12 support beams on top, then the decking. Next came the staircase. The mid-run landing was not part of the original design, so a compacted substrate with pier blocks was added to make this possible, and then finished to the ground. At this point a milled cedar guardrail for the stairs was added, as you can see not yet finished in these pics, along with a cable top rail and hog panel base railing for the deck.


The somewhat whimsical stairs you see below this project in a few of the pictures was a prior project with custom ordered 3 x 12’s ripped down as the framework and backfilled with ¼- and sand. The railing was created from large cedar limbs naturally occurring on the client’s property for a rustic approach to the pond below.

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